The Brother SE400 – Your Entry Into The World Of Machine Adornments At Home

Although the Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine has been around for almost two years now, it still ranks as the most popular embroidery machine on Amazon by a long way. The fact that so many people have been prepared to review this model speaks for itself and most of them give it a five-star rating.

The Brother SE400 is probably the cheapest combination sewing and embroidery machine available on the market. If you are a sewer and ready to stretch your wings by venturing into machine embroidery this is an ideal choice. Brother does not promote this as a high-end embroidery machine and it’s not made for large embroidery designs. However for well under $400 the SE400 is an ideal choice for people who want to try their hand at machine embroidery.

One of the really popular features of the Brother SE400 is that it is computerized and therefore has many functions that long-term sewers would not be used to. It comes with 67 built-in sewing stitches that enable almost 100 stitch functions for garment construction plus decorative, heirloom and quilting stitches. The machine also has 70 built-in embroidery designs for the beginning embroiderer to get started with and five monogram fonts provide plenty of scope for creating personalized gifts, for example.

Because the SE400 has a USB port, the user is able to download embroidery designs into the machine’s memory from the myriad available on the Internet. There are size limitations of course, but for beginners this is a terrific feature for budding embroiderers who will learn all about the different software and design possibilities online. One downside is that the embroidery-sewing machine needs a cable connection to a computer for Internet downloads.

The most obvious computerized feature when you look at the machine is the back-lit LCD touch screen. For those who have never used such a display before this could take a bit of getting used to, but it is extremely user-friendly and comes with on-screen instructions. The screen displays all the necessary information according to the stitch selected, such as the correct presser foot to use. Among many other things, it also displays the built-in embroidery designs which can be selected by touching the design icon on the display.

Other advanced computerized functions on this machine include an automatic needle threader and a one step drop-in bobbin. The needle threader is a really convenient feature – especially for those whose eyes aren’t as good as they’d like them to be. The drop in bobbin means that the user no longer needs to draw up the lower thread; the machine does it automatically.

This is quite a light machine, weighing under 24 lb.
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It has an in-built carry handle which makes it nice and portable and therefore ideal to take to embroidery or quilting classes. The other advantage of having such a lightweight machine is that for those not fortunate enough to have a spare place to leave their sewing up, it is an easy machine to pack away. Some people are not happy with the fact that it is not sold with a hard carrying case, but generic cases are not expensive to purchase.

The Brother SE400 comes with a very comprehensive manual and an instructional DVD which is a must to watch before one uses the machine for the first time.

Given the combination of capabilities, this mid range sewing and embroidery machine really does offer excellent value for money for the sewer or even a raw beginner who is ready to enter the world of machine embroidery.