Puppy Training Tips – What Never to Do When Training a Puppy dog

Methods for Easy Puppy Training When you decide to possess a pet puppy, it is important that you can provide all its needs so that it will grow up to be a healthy and joyful dog. At the same time, you should also be able to teach it properly so that you will not experience any problems in taking care of it. Puppy training is far easier than adult dog training. With puppies, you can be the one who will mold your puppy’s habits and attitude. This way, your dog will grow according to your teachings and trainings. To help you have an simple time in training you puppy, here are some useful tips for you.

Tip 1: Patience is the key to successful puppy dog training. Keep in mind that you are training an animal with no enough understanding of what you actually want to do. All that a puppy wants is to please its master.
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So it is important that you show happiness whenever your pup follows your commands. Once this happens, you can then repeat the commands again and again until it becomes a habit for the puppy. It will also help if you use a stick while teaching your puppy.

Tip 2: Use a reward system whenever training your puppy. Rewards will mean you are pleased with what your puppy has done. This can inspire your pet to do the same thing over and over again to get rewards again. You can use treats as your pet’s rewards. Make sure that your own command is successfully completed before you give out rewards. You can also use playthings like balls or saucers if you train your puppy. This will let the puppy dog know that you both are ready to have fun plus play with each other.

Tip 3: Puppy crates are effective training tool regarding puppies. You can use crates when you are training puppies to stay on command. It also assists puppies be relieved from stress and discomfort. This will also be the safe place of your puppies. You can just use crates or hutches for training and not to be used like a prison for your puppies.

Tip 4: Do not implement punishment on your young puppies during training. This will not correct improper behavior but instead will even worsen your puppy’s attitudes. It is better to stay on the positive side of teaching. Punishments can even make your puppies turn out to be aggressive. And this is a dangerous feature of dogs. They can either bite or hurt you or other people especially when under stress.

Tip 5: If you believe that your way of training your puppy is not effective, you can just hire an expert to do puppy training on your dog. This way, you are assured that your puppy will be a well-mannered pet in the coming days. You will also be relieved from training and care problems for your pet puppy. With proper instruction, your puppy will grow up to be a good dog which you and your family will definitely love.