Power Healing and Holistic Well-Being

Although energy healing has been around for thousands of years, healthy clinics as well as modern hospitals have got just begun to look at this “new” method of treating people in an organic and drug-free manner.

If you are suffering from a chronic disease, you’re most likely looking for options to help you feel better. Energy medicine is one of the safest and most gentle treatment systems that can help you either manage your chronic illness or cure it entirely. Not only is your system going to be rebalanced properly through energy work, you may also find a resurgence of hope, energy, plus a new zest for living.

Energy Healing – The New Alternative Treatment For Wellness

The idea behind energy techniques is that the body is made up of an energy field that can be influenced by universal energy and other energy fields around it. Human energy fields, much better known as auras, include the physical, psychological and astral fields. You also have 7 energy centers in your body known as “chakras. ” A body is considered healthful when all the chakras are balanced harmoniously.

The holistic practitioner uses healing spiritual energy to rebalance and harmonize your individual energy facilities. Any energy blocks within the entire body are also released.

Practitioners use different types of energy approaches like Reiki, Recovery Touch, Pranic Healing, as well as Mess Touch to treat various ailments like depression and chronic pain.

More on the Bounty of Energetic Recovery…

– Vibrational healing is a complementary alternative to modern medical treatments, with no unwanted effects.

– It can help patients control pain in a soothing manner.

– You may feel increased energy, tranquility and peace after experiencing this type of quantum healing therapy.

Three Powerful and Popular Healing Approaches:

Reiki — Reiki therapy originated from Japan and it is practiced by using various hand positions on and off your body. If you are you looking for more info about holistic healing Springfield check out our own page.
Healing “chi” (or energy) is directed out of the palms of the practitioner’s hands. Reiki can be used for pain reduction, complementary therapy for major illnesses and for emotional issues.

Pranic Healing – Similar to Healing Touch and Reiki, Pranic Healing practitioners cleanse the aura using a hands-off, sweeping method. They then direct healing energy to refresh the aura.

EFT (Emotional Independence Technique) – This method of New Age group healing is done by tapping the tips of the fingers at key energy points along the body. This is accompanied by bringing the problem to the fore of the mind so that it can be addressed both physically and emotionally.

Medical data may not be able to prove that any of these techniques are helpful – yet. But people all over the world, for thousands of years have benefited from energy recovery. Experiment with these therapies to find the best combination for your mind, body, and soul’s healthful evolution!