Can there be Really a Solution to Drug Addiction?

Medication dependence and drug addiction can cause different problems for communities and societies. The psychological and medical effects of drug addiction are very apparent. The people who are addicted to drugs do not perform and behave like other people of the society. The addicts turn out to be very care free; they do not consider things seriously, and they e cannot think or perform properly. Addicts sometime resort to abusing their families and commit crimes. Drug addicts devote several misdeeds; including cheating, lying, domestic violence, stealing and some can perform anything to satisfy their drug yearnings.
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Dug addiction has become a major problem among the youth today. Many adolescents, teens and adults are into medication use and this is affecting the society negatively. Many countries along with global organisations are running campaigns and rehabilitation centres in order to prevent medication use, encourage its treatment plus fight addiction.

An addict usually develops drug dependence, and it gets to be very hard for him/her to stop the particular abuse. People who want to get over drug-addiction and give up this habit often find it very hard. The drug addicts are occasionally afraid and embarrassed to accept help; therefore , they do not even ask anyone for help. Some addicts that try to give up, often due to the serious withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction and craving, change their minds.

Many people think that there is no solution to strong drug-addiction, but they are wrong. Drug addiction can be fought; the addict just needs guidance, awareness and assistance. Families and counsellors play the most important role in fighting drug-addiction, since the addict needs constant motivation plus support.

Drug addicts sometimes lack the particular confidence and do not trust the present treatments to get rid of their addiction. They just need a little support and motivation to gain this confidence. Sometimes drug abuse turns into a part of their lifestyle, and to them it seems impossible to get rid of this habit.

Solution to drug addiction is given by many organisations and institutions to help the addicts leave this dangerous habit. If the drug addict has support from his/her friends and family in addition to a strong will to give up this routine, only then he/she can be effective.

From a social viewpoint, a solution in order to drug addiction would be reducing the supply and availability. Information and awareness about drug abuse, addiction as well as the damage it can do is also a simple solution that can help avoid this problem. It would furthermore encourage the drug addict to quit this potentially lethal habit. Due to the emotional and physical dependence that the drug addict develops, one may think that there is no solution to such an dependancy.

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