Why Choose a Network Security Solution When Your Computers Already Have Encryption Software?

After discovering that the computers you’ve just purchased for your business come with encryption software built into the operating system, you may wonder how you’re going to manage all those recovery keys and ensure that users don’t bypass these important security measures. Using individual encryption programs on individual hard drives is often an excellent choice, especially when you just have one or two computers to manage. However, encryption management becomes a much more difficult task when the entire network must be encrypted. In cases like this, you may be better off with a network security solution.

Individual Recovery Keys are Hard to Manage Across a Network
For example, imagine setting up one hundred computers with encryption software, each of which has its own set of recovery keys. If you have Macs, Apple will store those keys, but it requires that you select three security questions and answers. Should you need to retrieve those recovery keys from Apple, you will need to provide the exact answers to those questions with no variations whatsoever. While you could store recovery keys and security questions and answers in a secure spreadsheet or database, that’s not the best approach.

A better approach is to use a network security solution that supports native encryption software offered by Macintosh or Windows while allowing for centralized management of all devices across the network.

Taking Encryption Out of End-User’s Hands
Another problem with individually encrypting hard disks involves users who take matters into their own hands. For example, what if built-in encryption software slows the computer down or poses a huge inconvenience to end users? Some may be savvy enough to figure out how to disable the protections your IT team put in place when setting up the computer.

With a centralized network security solution, you can avoid many such problems. For example, managing recovery keys and passwords with an enterprise network security solution is preferable to using a spreadsheet – and that’s just the start. A complete network security solution includes all kinds of administration, user, and device management features. Not only can you ensure that all hard disks are encrypted and remain encrypted, you can also extend your encryption efforts across mobile devices and USB ports.

Some network security solutions even allow you to take a hybrid approach. For example, if you like the features of Macintosh’s built-in FileVault encryption software but want to manage encryption across your entire Mac network, using a central network security solution that supports FileVault is an excellent choice.

When it comes to encryption software, you have many choices. In fact, many of the computers on your network may already be protected thanks to built-in encryption software. However, a piecemeal approach may introduce more problems than it solves. By choosing a complete network security solution for encryption, you can simplify administration and ensure that all devices including computers, laptops, servers, network storage devices, and mobile devices are encrypted. Depending on the network security solution you select, you could possibly even shut down individual USB ports so that data can’t walk away on a portable, unencrypted USB drive
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