Mexico Beachfront for Sale Off the Beaten Track – Two Options on the Yucatan Peninsula

Usually when we think of Mexico beachfront for sale, we think of the more expensive tourist centers, which although are much better priced than similar options in the U.S., are still out of reach for buyers on a tighter budget. The good news is that even a thriving region like the Yucatan real estate area offers cheaper, off-the-beaten track areas including the north shore of the Peninsula and the Costa Maya real estate area at the south of the Caribbean.

The Emerald Coast

About 30 minutes north of the large, old colonial city of Merida (the capital of Yucatan) there is a small port town called Progreso. Although it is a very popular vacation and weekend getaway spot for Merida’s upper middle class, it has only been discovered by a handful of expats who form a friendly and close-knit community. The town doesn’t feel touristy, but offers very close access to the modern services on the outskirts of Merida.

Eastwards from Progreso along the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is the area known as the Emerald coast, which is a series of beachfront villages. Again, there are a number of expats who have made these comfortable, relaxed towns their homes, but nothing like some of the larger centers. As is the case with Progreso, prices for beachfront property is surprisingly low.
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One of the main features which draws buyers to this area (along with prices, beaches and the relaxing way of life) is the beautiful nature; flamingo habitats, cool, natural pools known as “cenotes” and lagoons for fishing or boating are only a few examples.

Costa Maya

Jumping past the famous tourist areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, even past the up-and-coming town of Tulum, over the beautiful Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, there is a strip of little known (but no less beautiful) beachfront called Costa Maya. This area is centered on a village called Mahahual that welcomes a small but regular stream of tourists from cruise ships.

Heading north and south from Mahahual, there are local beach roads where the busiest traffic will probably be a heard of goats. Expats who buy homes or lots along these roads will not only save a good deal of their funds, but will also enjoy a very relaxing and calm life in a way few people can even imagine till they’ve been there.

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