The Skills Needed to Become a Bodyguard

A lot of people wonder what it takes to be a bodyguard. Do you need to have special bodyguard training? Do you need to have military or police training? The answer for those questions are no, but it can only help you.
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There are plenty of skills you need to become an elite close protection officer.

The basic skill or attribute you will need to have is excellent eyesight and hearing. Nobody is going to want to hire someone who cannot see or hear a threat coming. Scanning crowds of people is very common in bodyguard work. You must be able to scan a mob and identify a threat and take action.

Communication is an absolute must, you will need to relay your information in a swift manner. There will be times when you have to relay a message to your team members or client. In those precious seconds your communication could be the difference between life and death.

Being physically fit and in great condition. You do not want your body to fail you while you are out on duty. Someone who has the endurance and great strength would be ideal.

Firearms wont always be used based on your clients guidelines. But it is imperative that you take and pass a class in firearms training. You must learn your weapons inside and out. You have to be 100% comfortable with using your weapon. You can find a firearms course almost in all major cities. I suggest you take you’re training as far as it can go till your an expert.

Another very important skill is going to be self defense. I highly recommend taking classes in a martial arts or hand to hand combat training. Their might be a time where you are unable to use your weapon and this will be your last line of defense. Your client and your own life depends on it.

Offensive and defensive driving will be a key skill. Sometimes bodyguards will have to drive their client to safety from a hostile environment whiles under a threat. You can take a driving course to hone your skills.

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