Where to find a Cheap AIG Long Term Care Insurance Policy

That is definitely possible to find a cheap AIG long term care insurance policy. First, let’s a new little bit more about AIG/American General and see if they may be a smart choice for your long term care insurance needs.

Who might be AIG Long Term Care Insurance Company?

AIG stands for American International Group, Inc. They are a world leader in insurance and also in financial services. They have workplaces and operations in over 140 countries world wide to serve their particular customers from all over the globe. American International Group, Inc. or AIG services institutions, companies and individual clients from around the globe with insurance policies ranging from auto insurance to life insurance and economic planning. They also offer retirement services and long term care insurance around the globe. In case long term care insurance is new to you, you’re probably seeking both information and a secure provider to your requirements. Here are some answers to your questions.

What exactly is Long Term Care Insurance?

Your basic health insurance is designed to cover well and sick doctor visits as well as several emergency and surgical procedures. But what happens after your insurance has met its obligation financially if you still need care? It’s not uncommon with regard to injuries and illnesses to cause a lessened ability for patients to manage their daily living needs. While this require is most commonly associated with the elderly, younger incident victim or suffers with both severe and chronic diseases often find them selves in this position too.

Whilst Medicare will kick in full payment for up to 20 days and part help for up to 80 in arrive cases, you need to ask yourself if your present financial situation can cover the rest. So what might that be?

How Much Am i able to Expect To Pay For Long Term Care With out Additional Insurance?

The cost of long term treatment can be budget breaking. In today’s market an individual without long term care insurance can expect to pay over $1, 000 each week and upwards of $54, 000 per year.
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In years to come these cost will continue to rise. Paying these costs out of your own pocket can lead to financial ruin rather quickly. With long term care insurance you can save yourself from these outrageous medical costs. Also, consider the potential headaches it will save your loved ones if you already have this plan in order.

I Am On A Tight Budget; Does AIG Have A Plan For Myself?
AIG has long term care insurance plans to fit every budget, income and lifestyle. By purchasing your policy previously in life you will have lower premiums because you are not a high risk for requiring long term care insurance in the near future. With AIG long term care insurance they can help you to customize a long term care insurance plan that is right for you. With each strategy you can pick the amount of coverage you wish to have that will fit into your budget.

So what do You Mean By Picking The Amount Of Coverage I Want?

Picking the amount of protection means that you can decrease the amount of healthcare expenses your long term care insurance policy will cover. For instance one day of long-term care in a facility cost about $150. You can choose for your plan to only cover up to $100 from the fee for the medical care at the facility, more or less. Of course you will be left to pay the rest but at least you will have a few medical expense coverage and safety.

You can also choose to lower the amount of days your long term insurance policy will cover your own medical expenses. For instance, you can decide to have up to 6 months of long term care medical expenses covered instead of 3 years. Lowering the amount of coverage your own policy will give you will also lower your monthly premiums and offer you a more budget friendly option. AIG long term insurance company is there to assist you pick and customize a long term care insurance policy that not only offers you coverage but is also affordable.

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